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Years of exposure to the elements will take their toll on your own roof. Missing shingles, water stains and changes in indoor temperature–these indications point to roofing issues. It is important to keep a look out for those red flags before the problem can worsen, and behave.

Water Spots On Your Interior

Roof leaks are debatable because homeowners do not realize they have one until they see damage in their house –by which stage the leak has reached an advanced phase. Tte source of a leak is often from where you see water damage, which could further complicate the issue. While water stains in your interior do not always indicate you have a roof leak, it’s ideal to schedule a professional inspection to make sure.

Excessive Granules on Your Downspout

On a newly installed roof, granules from the gutters aren’t a cause for concern, as they’re just. However, in case you have an older roof that is shedding granules, this could be a sign that your shingles are deteriorating. Your granules shield your shingles so eventually and when they begin falling off, your shingles can get brittle crack. If you observe that your gutters are inefficient lately, there may be granules along with other debris blocking the stream of water.

Missing Shingles

Dark areas in your roof can be a indication that some of your shingles are missing. This may be due to little animals running up and down your roof or a damaged sealant strip. Shingles usually have sealant in their bottom that holds them in place. Once they become brittle and old, the sealant starts to fail along with your shingles may come loose.

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